KLiPR - KritiKal's License Plate Reader

KLiPR is the state-of-the-art real time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based vehicle monitoring system using automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR) for tracking and identification of vehicles by capturing and analysing a live camera feed.

KLiPR technology is based on latest pattern recognition, image processing and artificial intelligence techniques. The system uses built-in proprietary algorithms to detect number plates in any language along with the driver images of a moving vehicle.

The automated information resource of the engine adds a new vital dimension to decision-making for various applications in access control, parking and visitor management, industrial monitoring, traffic surveys and tolling systems. KLiPR system can be easily integrated with any physical access control device like boom barriers and sliding gates for seamless access.

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24/7 day-night operation

KLiPR detects and reads license number plates automatically 24 X 7 in real time. As a result, it facilitates smooth, problem-free, faster and reliable alternative to manual registration of license plates resulting into decreased data entry errors allowing a better tolling system implementation and parking/visitors management.

Real-time functionality

Transmits real-time stamping of entry-exit vehicle to the database.

High accuracy

Achieves high accurate information for heterogeneous number plates.

Cross-platform compatibility

The software is compatible to work on both Linux and Windows platform.

Commercial number plate detection

The algorithm can also detect the commercial plates and discard the private number plates.

Easy to integrate

Open system architecture which allows KLiPR to integrate seamlessly access control devices like boom barriers, sliding gates, smart cards, RF Cards, etc.

Ideal for standard and non-standard environment

Capable of handling heterogeneity of license plates for various geographies and regions. KLiPR’s innovative design caters reliably to both standard and non-standard environments including license plates with variable character sizes, fonts and colors, license plates with special characters in between the number, license plates with additional text around the number, double-row/indented number plates, dirty/damaged number plates, embassy and defense number plates, commercial number plates and numbers painted on the body of the buses.

Driver image capture module

KLiPR comes with an add-on feature for driver image capturing. Hence, physical verification of driver adds another layer of security.

Alarms/ Alerts for stolen or marked vehicles

KLiPR facilitates an automated real-time alert/alarm system for unauthorized/ bared/stolen vehicles.


KLiPR can be used to identify and verify whether a certain vehicle is authorized to access a restricted area.


Can be integrated with any parking revenue system, allowing the fully automation of ticketing system.


With KLiPR as a core element, vehicles entering an industrial premise can be registered and checked at gate-points.


Facilitates an automated real-time alert/alarm system for unauthorized/ bared/stolen vehicles.


KLiPR keeps a database of vehicles, which can be used for various traffic surveys conducted by authorities.


KLiPR has an inbuilt feature for automated ticket generation allowing an automated toll collection in free-flowing traffic.

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