TRAZER® Services - Traffic Surveys Simplified

Have a video but don't have adequate resources to process it? Need to conduct a survey at a particular site? We do it all - video recording, processing, report generation, etc. Several years of exposure to TRAZER® development and testing has not only evolved the software into a powerful, robust and stable solution but has also resulted in a team within KritiKal who is trained and experienced in carrying out traffic surveys starting from collecting video data to generating extensive reports.

With TRAZER® Service, we offer this experience so that the customer need not worry about resource planning, resource training, adequate infrastructure and other details.

KritiKal is open to developing a custom ATCC Solution. If you have a specific requirement for traffic analysis, we have a strong team of vision engineers to design and develop the solution quickly and efficiently. A few examples are Turning Movement Counts and Vehicle Trajectories at Intersections and Traffic Lights.

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Ideal for traffic scenarios in the developing world

We believe that because of the uniqueness of Indian traffic conditions, India poses a challenge to traffic planners, city administrators and urban development consultants. TRAZER® is the only camera-based system which caters specifically to the traffic scenarios of the developing countries. It has been helping the city planners and traffic consultants to analyse the traffic flow, study the statistics that is being captured from the traffic video and using the data, plan the traffic conditions for any city in a more systematic manner.

Complete turnkey services

No need to hire/train in-house resources. No need to procure infrastructure like ATCC systems, camera software or PC’s.

Analysis of live feed or pre-recorded video

Works with standard off-the-shelf cameras to analyse pre-recorded videos. Verification can be done by going back to the stored data with the help of CFR module. Capable of processing live feed form any IP camera in real time.

High accuracy

Provides rich and accurate information such as vehicle class, speed and trajectory. At the same time, it removes the probability of human error in data collection and analysis. With the help of CFR module, 100% accuracy can be achieved.

Cost effective solution for city planners and traffic consultants

We carry immense expertise in designing different solutions to fit every pocket and a variety of needs. Our technology can be customized to suit the specific needs of the traffic planners.



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